Family reunited with dog after six years

Missing spoker spaniel Fern found after six years

Photo by Jodie Ferrier

Twyford Veterinary Clinic has reunited an emotional dog owner with her beloved sprocker spaniel, Fern, six years after she was snatched from their home in Chessington, Surrey.

Jodie Ferrier, who has spent the last six years tirelessly campaigning to find Fern, who she suspects was stolen from their Rushett Farm home, spoke of her joy after receiving a call from the clinic on Wednesday, July 3.

“At 4.30pm I was just cooking dinner and the phone call came through from the vets in Twyford saying we think we’ve found your dog.

“It was the most emotional moment of my life, I can’t even remember what I said to the woman properly. I think I made her repeat it a fair few times,” she added.

Jodie, who has since relocated to the Isle of Wight added that she immediately bundled her husband and three children, two of whom were born after Fern’s disappearance, into the car, travelling on a ferry to arrive in Twyford at around 8.30pm.

“The staff at the veterinary practice were absolutely amazing and they stayed on late that night so that we could go straight away and not have to wait until the next morning.

“They were a bit concerned that she was overwhelmed so we decided that I would approach her on my own to start with and in an instant I knew it was her."

Jodie added that she didn’t think Fern knew who she was as she went to walk past her, however, she soon ‘double-backed’ and went to greet her, ‘wagging her tail’.

“It was just incredible, I actually didn’t cry, I thought I was going to be in fits of tears but by that point I was so ready.”

 Fern was also reunited with her best friend, eight-year-old Ethan Ferrier, who in 2015 penned a heartfelt letter to the criminals who had taken her.

 “As soon as she finished saying hello to me she noticed him in the corner and he came forward and her whole bum was going with her tail and his face was a picture, just in utter shock, just could not believe it.”

Fern, who was just a year old when she vanished, was found by a client of the practice in Bracknell, who ‘knew to take her to the vet and get her chip scanned.

Emphasising the importance of the microchip, Jodie said: “You’ve got to implant them, you’ve got to update them and they’ve got to be scanned and the system works if you do it properly and this is the proof in the pudding.”

Jodie added that Fern is in ‘good body condition’, however, has had what looks like, several litters of puppies and her skin is really 'sore and itchy’.

“That dark cloud followed me for six years, it hasn’t lifted, there’s been no reprieve, I mean not knowing has just been horrendous and thinking that you’ve not done enough.”

“[This] felt like just closure you know you could really just lift that horrible black cloud and get on with the rest of our lives.”

Stephanie Ball, Senior Nurse at Twyford Veterinary Clinic said: “It was amazing. It was really lovely, I mean anyone could have scanned the chip to be honest, the gentleman could have taken her anywhere but it was really lovely that we were a part of it.”



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