LIVE: A-levels results day

LIVE: A-levels results day

LIVE: A-levels results day

The big day is here. Across East Berkshire and South Bucks, thousands of A-levels students will be getting their results today.

This live blog will be updated throughout the day with all the latest results news from Maidenhead, Slough, Windsor, Burnham, Twyford and the surrounding area, bringing you pass rates and interesting stories from our schools.

We also want to know your memories of getting your results. How did you feel on the day? Were you surprised by your results? How did you celebrate?

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CORRECTION: Cox Green School recorded an A*-C pass rate of 69 per cent, rather than 74 per cent as previously reported. This represents a five per cent increase on last year, rather than 10 per cent.

The figures initially provided by the school were incorrect.

Friday, August 15, 9.13am:

Here's Sir William Borlase's Grammar School student Christopher Turner, who achieved 5A*s, pictured with his maths teacher.


SLOUGH: High-flyers secured a 98 per cent overall A-level pass rate at Upton Court Grammar School.

Among the students gaining top marks was Victoria Morris who got two A* grades and two As.

Emma Flint also secured two A*s and an A. She will be joining Victoria at Oxford University in September.

The school in Lascelles Road also secured an 81.1 per cent A*-C pass rate.

Assistant principal Naveed Hussain, said: "We are very pleased and very proud of our students' achievements and the staff as well for their hard work."


MARLOW & COOKHAM DEAN: A sparkling five A*s were collected by Sir William Borlase's Grammar School student Christopher Turner this morning.

The 18-year-old, who lives in Cookham Dean, scooped A*s in maths, further maths, additional maths, physics and chemistry.

The former Cookham Dean Primary School pupil has accepted an offer to study maths at Queen's College, Oxford.

Christopher plans to celebrate with his family this evening.


Here's Reading Blue Coat School student Emily Bosely receiving a congratulatory hug.


SONNING: A host of individual achievements were celebrated at Reading Blue Coat School this morning as pupils picked up their A-level results.

The school's A* - C pass rate stands at 86.8 per cent with the number of A*-As at 41.7 per cent.

An impressive three students have bagged places at Oxford University, while six others have got into medical schools.

One of those was head boy Hamish Rosser, who has a deferred place to study medicine at Imperial College in London.

The 18-year-old picked up an A* in biology and As in chemistry and physics.

During his time at the Holme Park school he also found time to row, play on the school's rugby and football teams, play the saxophone and guitar as well as getting work experience at Frimley Park Hospital and Reading University laboratories.

He is planning on spending his gap year working as a medical volunteer on Mercy Ships, who provide medical care to the poor in ports around the world.

Emily Boseley, 18, celebrated A*s in English literature, geography and history, and is set to read history at Brasenose College, Oxford.  

Will McKenzie and Alex Chalmers also have places to study at Worcester College and Oriel College respectively.

Headteacher Michael Windsor said: “I would like to congratulate our leavers, who have achieved a fine set of results, allowing them to move on to a range of excellent courses and universities.

“They have been a bright, energetic and enthusiastic year group and these results reflect the hard work and commitment that they have put in while also making a notable contribution to the wider life of the school.

"I wish them all well for the future and am sure they would want to join me in thanking their teachers who have shown such dedication in helping them fulfil their potential.

"Congratulations are also due to our AS candidates who have achieved excellent results and given themselves a strong platform for success at A Level next year.”


Our photographers have been busy snapping students for A-levels results day. Did you make our photo gallery? Click here to find out.


WINDSOR: A late night preceded results day for Ariadne Hudson, 18, from Windsor, of East Berkshire College.

She got As in English literature and language and a B in sociology.

"I was up until 4.30 because I was really nervous, I couldn't sleep," she said.

"I was really nervous but it's worthwhile all the effort I put in because I literally did not have a life."

She will be off to Kings College London to study English language and communications, and wants to work in TV.

Emily Kohler, 18, got an A* in English literature and a B in chemistry, biology and psychology, and is going to Leicester to study pharmaceutical chemistry.

"Everyone is very happy, my family are quite surprised and relieved," she said.

"The experience itself has been amazing but the last week has been absolutely awful."

On the prospect of heading off to uni, she said: "It's a new adventure really, you do not really know what to expect, but it's going to be fun hopefully."

Anxiety quickly turned to smiles at the St Leonards Road campus as the envelopes were opened.

The college's A-level pass rate was 96 per cent, with 64 per cent A*-C.

There was a 100 per cent pass rate in 13 subjects including chemistry and psychology.

Principal Kate Webb said: "Our students have done themselves proud. It is great to see so many young people fulfilling their potential."


WINDSOR: An increased number of students won places at Russell Group universities at Windsor Girls' School.

The overall pass rate remained at 99 per cent.

Among the high achievers was 18-year-old Lani Alevropoulos who received an impressive A* and two As.

"My God this is just the most crazy day," said Lani, who will now study geography at Bristol.

"I am so happy, I had a really tough year in year 12 and to come out and do what I have done, I am just so shocked."

A sleepless night was had by 17-year-old Alisha Sharma who scored three As and will now study biochemistry at Southampton University.

"I screamed when I got my results. I am really excited," she said.

Headteacher of the school in Imperial Road, Gill Labrum, said she was 'delighted' with the results.


LANGLEY: The 'best ever results' were enjoyed by students at the Langley Academy in Langley Road.

It achieved an overall pass rate of 99.4 percent and A*-C pass rate of 77.8 per cent.

There were smiles all round as students came to collect their grades.

Executive principal of The Langley Academy Trust, Rhodri Bryant, said: "The academy opened in 2008 without a sixth form and it has now got a sixth form that punches well above its weight and results above the national average."

The A* to B pass rate at the school was 56.3 per cent.

Mr Bryant added: "We've made really great progress and lots of young people going onto the universities and colleges of their choice or if they have not got that gone into employment. We are thrilled."


Celebration time for LVS pupils:


ASCOT: An overall pass rate of 96.1 per cent was good news for staff and pupils at LVS Ascot (Licensed Victuallers' School) in London Road this week.

There was a 70 per cent success rate of students achieving high grades of A* to C and strong performances in English Literature where 80% of grades were A or A*.

Hattie Audaer from Windsor achieved an A and two Bs - accepting a place at Birmingham University to study drama and theatre.  Hatti wants to be a drama therapist.

Georgia Hall from Ascot is off to Bath University to study business administration having achieved A*, A  and B grades.

She said: “I did much better than I expected. I did very badly in my history exam last year and it really knocked my confidence.  The school really supported me and I am really pleased with my results today.”

Headteacher Christine Cunniffe said “Our pupils and staff work hard throughout the year to ensure that students achieve to their full potential, I am proud of the work that they have put in which is reflected in these outstanding results and congratulate them”


Claudia Conroy, 18, poses with Louisa Beer, 18, who got three A*s in biology, chemistry and maths and is off to Bristol to study chemistry.


CHALVEY: Another year of high results was celebrated at Slough and Eton CE Business and Enterprise College.

Saqib Ali, 19, admitted he did not sleep well the night before, but secured a place on the Mars apprenticeship scheme after he achieved a distinction in his business BTEC as well as an A and B in business and finance.

The Slough teenager said: "I have been up since 6am, I was so nervous but now I am over the moon."

Overall there was a 97 per cent pass rate with 80 per cent achieving A*-C grades.

Headteacher Paul McAteer said: "We are delighted with another improvement in our results.

"Most of our students will be going to universities as far apart as Sheffield and Surrey and we wish them all the very best in the future."


SLOUGH: It was another outstanding year for St Bernards Catholic Grammar in Langley Road as it celebrated its best results so far.

There was a 99 per cent overall pass rate with 83 per cent of the students receiving grades A*-C.

Headteacher Michael Stimpson said: "These are outstanding results, the best ever in terms of overall pass rate."

Student Claudia Conroy achieved two A*s in biology and chemistry and three As in maths, further maths and general studies, securing her place at Birmingham University to study medicine.

The 18-year-old from Langley said: "I am very very happy, I didn't think I would do this well.

"My mum is going to explode when she finds out."


WINDSOR: East Berkshire College’s pass rate was 96 per cent, with 64 per cent A*-C.

There was a 100 per cent pass rate in 13 subjects including chemistry and psychology.

Principal Kate Webb said: "Our students have done themselves proud. It is great to see so many young people fulfilling their potential."


LANGLEY: Students at Langley Grammar School starting collecting their results from 9.30am, eager to find out if they had made the grade.

Among those waiting in anticipation was Jasmine Dhalwali, who decided to take a gap year and apply for Oxbridge after she exceeded all expectations and achieved A*s in classics and psychology and an A in economics.

The 18-year-old from Langley said it felt 'really surreal'.

She added: "It's hard to describe how you feel, when you are 18, these results are the only thing you care about.

"I am planning on spending every day celebrating for the next week."

Overall there was a 99.6 per cent pass rate with 89 per cent achieving A*-C grades.

Headteacher John Constable said there had been 'good news all round'.


SLOUGH: It was a record breaking year at Beechwood School after students recorded their 'best results ever'.

Pupils at the Long Readings Lane school gained an impressive 98 per cent pass rate for grades A* to E, with 100 per cent pass rates in maths, science, sport and performing arts.

Executive headteacher Kathleen Higgins said: "We warmly congratulate the students on their excellent achievements.

"Such success is a product of great hard work and effort on their behalf and indeed that of their teachers and members of staff who, alongside their family, have provided exceptional support.

"We are very proud of them all."


BOURNE END: This year’s A-level results showed the best pass rate in The Wye Valley School’s recent history with 99 per cent of pupils being awarded grades A*-E.

Andrea Jacobson, headteacher of the school which is soon to be renamed Bourne End Academy, said: “We are very proud of all the students who have achieved so much this summer and wish them every success with their future.”


SUNNINGHILL: Here's Marist School top performer Emily Ducas with her proud mum.


SUNNINGHILL: Students at the Marist School in Kings Road achieved a 100 per cent pass rate with more than half gaining A* or A grades and 79 per cent of all entries managing A*  to B grades.

Emily Ducas achieved the top results in the school with three A*grades and one A. She has a place at Bristol University to read civil engineering. 

Natalie Cooke, Lucy Farrell and Charlotte Willis all obtained one A* and two A grades.   Natalie will read nursing at Surrey, Lucy will read history at Bristol and Charlotte business management at Surrey.

Other high flyers include Olivia Frankel who will be taking up her unconditional offer at Birmingham. 

Lucy Campbell obtained excellent results while continuing to represent Britain in her successful international swimming career. She will be going to Loughborough to read mathematics and sports science.

Headteacher Karl McCloskey said: “A key indicator of our success levels is in the fact that over 90 per cent of students secured their first choice of university places."


SLOUGH: Proud James Gibbons, 18, at St Joseph's Catholic High School


SLOUGH: A 'rapid improvement' in A-Level results was praised by teachers at St Joseph's Catholic High School.

James Gibbons, 18, was pleased with his results which saw him pick up a double distinction* in drama and a C in sociology.

The Elliman Avenue resident said: "I love singing, acting and dancing so I am extremely pleased with the results.

He will attend the University of Chichester where he will study music and musical theatre.

Another high flyer was Emma Schmittner, 18, from Horton, who achieved a double distinction* in performing arts and an A in English literature.

The Milton Close resident said: "I'm really pleased about the results. I'm taking a gap-year because I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do."

72 per cent of students achieved three A-Levels at grades A*-C while 98 per cent achieved grades A*-E. At BTEC, 69 per cent achieved a double distinction*.

Headteacher Ciran Stapleton said: "There are many ways to measure the success of a school but the most important has to be value added which shows that our students walked away with an average of a C grade."


SUNNINGDALE: Of the 198 who took A-levels at Charters School this year, 54 per cent achieved A* to B grades, 78 per cent earned A* to Cs while 99.7 per cent passed A* to E.

SLOUGH: Overall, the pass rate for Baylis Court School was 97 per cent. The percentage of pupils achieving three A-levels at A*-C was 34.


Penny Young and Eleanor Steel at Burnham Grammar School:


Piggott School pupils Andrew Hartland, Ellen Palmer and Sam Brass with their results:


WARGRAVE:It has been another bumper year for A-level results at The Piggott School.

The percentage A*-C was 84 per cent, up two per cent from last year's results.

The Twyford Road school also scored well above the national average in terms of A* and A*-A grades.

Retiring headteacher Hilary Winter, who joined the school at the same time as most of the leavers seven years ago, said the results were the 'best possible leaving gift' she could have.

"So many of them have achieved their target grades or exceeded them," she said.

"They have been brilliant. A wonderful, wonderful group of children who deserve to do well and did do well."

Ellen Palmer, 18, from Paddock Heights, Twyford, topped the board with a glittering 4A*s in maths, further maths, biology and chemistry.

The former Colleton Primary School pupil, who is still deciding what to do next, said she was 'pretty nervous' beforehand.

Oxford University-bound Andrew Hartland, who picked up two A*s and two As, remembered travelling back from his interview last December on the day of the school carol concert.

He arrived just in time, walking in during the song before his performance.

Andrew, 18, of Fidlers Walk in Wargrave, is set to read Biomedical Science at Lincoln College.

Keen golfer Sam Brass, of Jarvis Drive in Twyford, said he is looking forward to playing sport when he starts at the University of Bath to read Mechanical Engineering.


SUNNINGDALE: Here's some Charters School pupils celebrating their results:


SUNNINGDALE: Students at Charters School have won places at Oxford and Cambridge.

Of the 198 who took A-levels at the school in Charters Road this year, 54 per cent achieved A* to B grades, 78 per cent earned A* to Cs while 99.7 per cent passed A* to E.

Olimpia Morrison, director of sixth form said: "The excellent grades have resulted in a very large number of students being accepted for their first choice of university.  This year three students are going to Oxford and one to Cambridge."

Student Ewan McCulloch said, “Amazing results, A* and two As and I am off to Oxford University, absolutely unbelievable.”

Ross Kearsley said, “Its hard to put into words but I am just very happy to have done as well as I have and excited to go to Exeter to study physics.”

Ben Russell said, “All my worrying wasn’t necessary and I am absolutely chuffed to bits with my results.  Going to university next year and can’t wait to start my sponsorship pilot scheme this year.”


SLOUGH: Teachers at Baylis Court School were 'delighted' with this year's results which were sat by 35 pupils.

Pavanjeet Basi, of Elliman Avenue, was 'shocked' to find she had achieved an impressive A*, A and C.

The 18-year-old said: "I was really nervous this morning but I am so pleased and incredibly shocked with the results."

In September, she will be heading to the University of Surrey where she will be studying criminology and sociology.

Deslie Thomas, of Hazlemere Road, was also pleased with her results after achieving an two  As  and a B, and will be heading to St Mary's University, Twickenham, to study drama with physical theatre and criminology

The 18-year-old said: "I didn't sleep a wink last night but I'm really relieved and happy. I'll be going out tonight to celebrate."

Overall, the pass rate for the Gloucester Avenue school for grades A*-E was 97 per cent with pupils achieving three A-Levels at A*-C was 34 per cent.

Deputy headteacher Ray Hinds said: "We are delighted by the progress that all of our students have made.

"We know they worked extremely hard and they would be the first to recognise the massive contribution that the staff at Baylis Court School have made to their success."


MAIDENHEAD: We've also had some pictures come in of students at Claires Court celebrating:

Here's head girl Molly Ross with Alex Parkinson 

Allen Crawshaw and Michael Davies:

James O’Connor and David Potton:

Charlie Pritchard:


MAIDENHEAD: Seventy-two per cent of students received grades A*-C at Claires Court, which is a seven per cent decrease on last year’s 79 per cent.

The school in College Avenue did, however, achieve a 100 per cent pass rate and saw a 5.4 per cent increase in the number of A*-A grades.

Head of sixth form Andy Giles said: "Our cohort has a diverse ability and it is pleasing to see across a breadth of subjects, from chemistry to economics, art and psychology, success and achievement of such a high quality.

"We wish them all the very best for the future.”

Head Girl, Molly Ross, who has been with Claires Court for 15 years, received A grades in French, English and Biology.

She said: “I am planning to take a gap year to work in France and travel.

“Today is a day mixed with happiness and sadness after all these years at the School.”


MARLOW: The A*-C pass rate for Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in West Street has been confirmed as 94.7 per cent.


Bucks reporter Lucy Golding gives her #Alevelmemories:


MAIDENHEAD: Furze Platt Senior School’s headteacher is delighted with a ‘fantastic set of results’ for its A-level students.

The school achieved an A*-C pass rate of 75 per cent, improving by six per cent on last year’s results.

Vicky Fawcett was the school’s star performer, achieving three A*s in physics, maths and further maths and an A in chemistry.

Headteacher Tanya White said: “This is a fantastic year group we are really sorry to see them go, they really have made a full contribution to the school and there are lots of personalities in there.

“Today is really the final goodbye.

“It’s fantastic waving them off knowing that they are going to where they want to be.”


BURNHAM: Burnham Grammar School in Hogfair Lane achieved 83 per cent A*-C grades in individual exams, and a 99.6 per cent pass rate overall.  

One Year 13 student, Reeya Jain, is to follow in her sister Simran’s footsteps – who was a student herself at the school seven years ago – and study dentistry at Queen Mary University of London after achieving an A* and two A grades.

Headteacher Dr Andy Gillespie said: “This is a fantastic set of results that reflect the hard work of both the students and the staff.”


If you were snapped by one of our photographers for results day, check back later as we'll be putting up a photo gallery online.


WINDSOR: Kate Hyett, Alice Jones, Lani Alevropoulos, Alisha Sharma and Abigail Foster celebrate at Windsor Girls' School.


WINDSOR: Simon Moore, 18, Andrew Lane, 18, and Jonathan Gilmour, 18, from The Windsor Boys' School are among those celebrating their results.

Andrew described the day as ‘nerve-wracking’. He got three As in maths economics and history.

"It is just such an odd feeling because we have been waiting for this for such a long time. it is just kind of like a mix of being relieved and really happy that it's all worked out," he said.


SLOUGH: Herschel Grammar School is celebrating 35 per cent A*-A grades, 66 per cent A*-B grades and 87 per cent A*-C grades.


MAIDENHEAD: Newlands Girls' School in Farm Road has achieved its best A-level results in recent years.

With a 84 per cent A* to C pass rate, the majority of Newlands Girls' School pupils will head off to university.

This includes two to Oxford and one to Cambridge.

Altwood Road resident Natasha Wilson, 18, is the highest achieving Newlands Girls' School student achieving three A* grades and 1 A which has secured her a place at  Cambridge to read engineering.

A* and A grades were achieved by 28 per cent of students.

"This is the best set of results in recent years," said deputy headteacher Andy Wellman.

He added: "It is down to the hard work of the students and the teaching staff.


MAIDENHEAD: A total of 61 per cent of pupils achieved A*-C grades at Altwood School in Altwood Road and 22 per cent A* or A.

Altwood CE School Headteacher Neil Dimbleby says the results are the credit everyone's hard work and is particularly pleased with the senior students.

Head boy Matt Newman achieved the grades needed to study computer science at Oxford Brookes and head girl Meera Ghedia achieved higher than expected meaning the 18-year-old will choose a university through adjustment.

Head of sixth form Kate Savage said: "We hope that they will take not only academic success away with them but also the ethos and values that we stand for here at Altwood."


A couple of #Alevelmemories from our staff:


LANGLEY: St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School recorded a pass rate of 99 per cent, with 83 per cent A*-C grades.


More #Alevelmemories:


Also at Cox Green School, Holyport resident Nicola Povey, 18, has got a place at the University of Winchester to study performing arts.


Samantha Brewer, 18, and Bryony Hollands, 18, celebrate excellent results at Cox Green.

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