Viewpoint: Open letter on future of Littlewick Show

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Hoping for a miracle to save Littlewick Show

I have been putting off writing this letter, partly because we all felt that by some miracle, somebody would offer us the use of a venue and mainly because I just did not want to cancel this year’s Littlewick Show.

Up until 2019, we have found no difficulty in obtaining a site for our event, but this year it is different.

In such a rural area, it is hard to tell people that there is very little pasture land here, as most is now arable land or unfenced commons, and just not suitable for organised events that include parking of vehicles.

Our efforts to find a site for our show, have included, Berkshire College of Agriculture, The Wildlife Trust, Holyport College, Claire’s Court Schools, Rinder farms, Applehouse Farm, Shanly Homes, all previous sites used, Westacott Farms, Summerleaze Company, Taplow Court and an appeal on Radio Berkshire.

Most have replied with sympathy, but of course otherwise unable to help.

One large organisation did not reply to our letters.

Having been in touch with a number of other organisations, we know that we are by no means the only ones to cancel, as Newbury, Chertsey, Swallowfield, Hyde Heath, Naphill, Downley, Prestwood and Haslemere will not be on this year.

The only problem is that they all have venues for the future and we haven't.

We have always had brilliant reports on the way that we use the fields and the manner in which we leave the sites, but we need them for five days, for setting up marquees waste bins and loos and of course for clearing.

We have alterations to our team.

Following the resignation of our last president, June Distin, who wanted to use the time to go travelling, we welcomed Theresa May, who has been a vice president for many years, as our President.

Ian Donaldson, who has run the horticultural section for several years, announced that he intends to move right away.

He has been replaced by Andrew Smart, who is extremely enthusiastic and has already made suggested changes to the schedule.

A group of energetic ‘keep-fit’ ladies have volunteered to assist as well.

I have had some personal problems, having been taken to Wexham Park Hospital for a five-day stay with shingles, in mid May, the nursing staff must have been fed up with me telling them that I need to be recovered in time for Littlewick Show.

Things are improving, although I am told that full recovery can be slow and painful.

Sadly there doesn't seem to be a need to rush any more.

We must all think of next year.

We still need a field and do not appear to be nearer to getting one. Please help us.

We have kept going for over 85 years, even through war-time.

We love our show too much to allow it to die.


Hon. General Secretary

Littlewick Green Show Society

Show some common sense with cycle routes

I read with interest your report on a proposed cycle route between Kidwells Park and Blackamoor Lane.

The report stated that ‘deviations in the route would prevent cyclists travelling at high speed’, but cycling will not be encouraged by being made deliberately inconvenient.

Cyclists have no less common sense than anyone else and cycle paths should be so constructed that cyclists can progress briskly when it is safe to do so.

Common sense would also be welcome in High Street.

Last year a contraflow cycle route was introduced in High Street from the Waitrose junction to St Mary’s Church.

This was a really good idea, so thank you to the council for that, but why stop after a couple of hundred yards, at St Ives Road, and not continue up to Lloyds Bank?

For that matter, why not introduce a cycling contraflow to Queen Street and why is the broad paved area linking King Street to West Street officially banned to cycling?

Some signs, some road-marking paint and a bit of will from the council, is much more required?

No major expense or disruption, but a positive encouragement to travel in Maidenhead by bike!


Powney Road


The rights and wrongs of trying to turn right

Well, after four months I felt I could stray into the area of Oldfield Road/Bath Road on my way to Tesco at Taplow on a Sunday morning.

I am held at the traffic lights for one minute 33 seconds for one vehicle to turn right from Oldfield Road onto the Bath Road, a manoeuvre that would have been completed effortlessly when the roundabout was there.

Amazingly, there are now two lanes on Oldfield Road, one left and one right onto the Bath Road.

The question that must be asked is why, when the Highways Department made the alterations here for the ‘Stafferton Way Relief Road’ they did not provide for these lanes, as there was obviously plenty of space to do so?

There would seem to be a problem over right of way with traffic from Lascelles Gardens turning right onto the Bath Road and the Oldfield Road traffic turning right as a ‘give way’ sign has been erected.

Cllr Clark states that this ‘is not a junction for today but for the future’.

I wonder what those people who want to use it today do?

I wonder what century Cllr Clark has in mind, in fact, which planet is Cllr Clark on?

Another major piece of planning by RBWM that has wasted money and proved pointless.


East Road


From verse to worse in our old town

Many years ago a local poet, Tony Turner, wrote the following:-


Whatever happened to Maidenhead?

It was there a couple of years ago

A riverside town on the main Bath Road

A route you could block with a heavy load

Or ford ankle-deep as the banks


When the rains came

Whatever happened to Maidenhead?

It was there a couple of decades ago

With its Kidwells Park and its old Town


Where the bricks were red and the stage

was small

And you didn't feel overshadowed at all

In Market Street

Whatever happened to Maidenhead?

It was there a couple of dreams ago

With its slightly decadent pre-war air

Edwardian buildings everywhere

And a real community atmosphere

In East Berkshire

Whatever happened to Maidenhead?

I know what's there where it used to be

Dual carriageways and new roundabouts

Huge multi-storeyed concrete redoubts

Anonymous shops and anonymous louts

Not Maidenhead

Whatever happened to Maidenhead?

It died while we watched but did not see

Killed by the car and the planner's pen

Buried by quick demolition men

Covered with slabs not to rise again

Mourned by some

I wonder what Tony would make of Maidenhead now?


Blackamoor Lane


With thanks to our foster carers

Dear foster carers/parents,

We are writing to express our immense thanks and gratitude for the incredible support, care and love you have given to our foster children over the last 18 months. The annual fostering report was shared at our most recent corporate parenting forum and it contained some amazing examples of the impact of your work, but every one of you has made a magnificent contribution.

We have only needed to move one child during the pandemic and they have gone on to a long-term stable placement.

Ofsted said the following things about you when they conducted their assurance visit in February 2021:

  • Foster carers have positive and nurturing relationships with children.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, and supervising social workers have increased the amount of support they give to foster carers. Foster carers have used this time to strengthen and develop relationships with children. This has helped children to feel safe and to continue making good progress.
  • Despite the challenges faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, foster carers have been creative in promoting children’s learning and health needs. They have also supported children to keep in touch with friends and family who are important to them. This positive approach has ensured that children’s education and their physical, social and emotional well-being continue to be developed.

What a tremendous tribute to pay to your ingenuity, passion and commitment to all foster children.

We are so proud of you and thankful for everything that you do.


Boyn Hill Ward, Maidenhead

Deputy Chair of Cabinet

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Health and Mental Health


Achieving for Children director of social care and early help


Achieving for Children associate director for provider services

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