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Saturday 25 October 2014 9:54 PM

Theatre Reviews

Something wonderful rolled into High Wycombe last night in the form of the Cameron Mackintosh-produced circus spectacular, Barnum.

This exhilarating musical follows the irrepressible dreams of Phineas T Barnum, America's Greatest Showman, who lit up the world with colour and the excitement of his imagination.

Consummate variety man Brian Conley brings his own showmanship to the role of P.T., and

08:56 Fri 03 Oct 2014
Party to murder The audience have a chance to play detective in the latest murder mystery play at the Mill at Sonning, which lends itself beautifully to a script which kicks off with a Halloween sance and plenty
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10:05 Fri 05 Sep 2014
dc Dangerous Corner Theatre Royal Windsor Wednesday, September 3 to Saturday, September 13 All is not at it seems in this lavish adaption of this classic JB Priestley whodunnit. After a can of worms is unknowingly
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10:24 Fri 01 Aug 2014
Scallywag A new Irish farce opened at the Mill at Sonning written by Dwina Murphy-Gibb which had a one-week showcase at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London last year. Wouldn't we all like the opportunity to
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09:15 Fri 26 Sep 2014
Not About Heroes I'm not a big fan of poetry, so my personal expectations regarding enjoying The Blackeyed Theatre's production about two famous war poets, was not high. However, that changed, as I was absorbed into this beautifully
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10:04 Fri 08 Aug 2014
Dreamboats and Miniskirts Up with skirts (and down with trousers). It's the Sixties, hemlines are rising, women's ambitions are growing and Britain has finally sailed out of the post-war doldrums. Dreamboats and Miniskirts takes up the plot where
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08:59 Fri 25 Jul 2014
Photo by George Riddell from My World My Eyes I haven't laughed as much or so consistently in the theatre as I did at East Berkshire Operatic Society Musical Theatre's uproariously entertaining production of 'Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision'. This sort of Carry On Eurovision,
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